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Vladislav Petrokas
Vladislav Petrokas!
Head of Liability and Financial Risk Insurance Department

"GARDIA is distinguished by transparency of goals and objectives, competent management and risk management, prompt decision-making as well as motivated and friendly team. We always promptly respond to the Customers’ requests, which, combined with the inherited international expertise in insurance and risk management, experience in insurance of Russian business and a stable position in the Russian market, guarantees stability to our Customers.

I value my company for its flexibility in approaches, confidence as well as the opportunity to develop the business segment entrusted to me."

“My total experience at GARDIA is 6 years.”
Irina Belogurova
Irina Belogurova!
Head of Marketing and Sales Support Department
“I associate the best years of my professional development with GARDIA. 14 years flew by quickly, having taught me not to be afraid being the first in many types of insurance, to see the new opportunities behind constant changes and understand the Customers’ needs.”

«Мой общий стаж работы в компании «ГАРДИЯ» составляет 14 лет»


Anton Kulagin
Anton Kulagin!
Claims Expert

"For me, of particular value is the opportunity not just to declare, but to implement such fundamental principles as “Together We are Stronger”, “Claims Settlement as a Valuable and Distinctive Service for the Customers”, “Know the Customer's Business”. To bring joy to the Customers, accompanying them at all stages of the insured event settlement, to remove burdensome requirements, to streamline the processes, to hear the Customers and to be flexible - what could be better?! What matters to us is the confidence of Policyholders that we are close by, shoulder to shoulder, and not opposite - we are with them, not against them!

With our daily work, we prove that insurance is not only a “financial safety airbag”, but also a comprehensive service that has its own value. We also set a new standard for the quality of insurance services in the market".

“I have been working for GARDIA since September 2013".
Daria Konova
Daria Konova!
Head of Customer Service Team
“My career has developed within the Customer Service Department. I am grateful to the Company and colleagues for the invaluable experience and self-development gained. I appreciate the Company for stability and reliability in any circumstances as well as for a comfortable atmosphere in the team, where the corporate spirit and sense of responsibility for any business always prevail. This is a team of professionals!”
"I have been working for GARDIA for over 13 years."
Andrey Soloviev
Andrey Soloviev!
Head of Property Risk Insurance Department
“GARDIA, first of all, is not just a team of professionals, but a team of like-minded people and friends".
"Having worked for the Company for more than 5 years and having gone from Sales Manager to Head of Department, I can safely say that the Company gives everyone the opportunity to develop and grow professionally. The originality of tasks and solutions that the team finds is what makes us special".
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The corporate culture of GARDIA, IC embodies the common goals and values of the employees and the Company

The corporate culture of GARDIA, IC embodies the common goals and values of the employees and the Company.
We have an open door policy and strive to create an environment that encourages open communication, feedback and discussion on any matter of importance to an employee.

  Our goal is to be a guide in choosing insurance solutions and provide high-quality Customer service in any part of the world. In achieving our goal, we are guided by a number of principles that determine the methods of our work, both individually and in a team.  


Basic principles of corporate culture


We create the future by working in atmosphere of trust and confidence both within the Company and in relationships with Customers.


All our activities, first of all, are based on the unshakable principles of honesty, respect and fairness.
Professionalism, responsibility, loyalty and initiative of employees help to maintain the corporate culture of GARDIA, IC, which contributes to the achievement of the organization’s mission as well as the implementation of its strategy and plans.


Long years of leadership in this field and accumulated experience allow us to confidently meet the requirements of Customers and Shareholders. We are open and honest with our Customers and Shareholders and listen carefully to their wishes in order to help them reach their maximum heights.


We strive for diversity and support a culture that is based on teamwork and the pursuit of common goals.


We encourage change by always striving to seize real opportunities for our clients, partners and ourselves.

Together with GARDIA, IC you will be able to build a successful professional career and realize your full potential. The well-organized management structure and entrepreneurial spirit at GARDIA will help you achieve your career aspirations.

Our procedures for hiring or transferring employees within GARDIA, IC are designed in such a way as to ensure a fair and equitable process, leading to the correspondence of skills, knowledge and experience of an employee to the requirements of a particular position.

GARDIA Insurance Company is interested in talented specialists. The requirements for candidates for each open vacancy are individual, but the general requirements for all are:

  • High professionalism and sense of purpose
  • Focus on Customers and partners of the Company as well as the result
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Responsibility
  • Independent approach to work
  • Sociability
  • Good analytical and management skills

The pace of the Company's development determines the constant need for qualified specialists. Therefore, we pay great attention to the creation of a personnel reserve.

Contact details for communication on hiring by GARDIA

If you are interested in working for the Company, please send your resume to the email address:

You may view open vacancies and apply at HH>>

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