Employer’s Liability Insurance


What is it for


In many countries around the world, compensation for work-related injuries and occupational diseases is provided through the state social insurance system, mandatory insurance program for employees against industrial accidents, or through Compulsory Employer’s Liability Insurance. The countries of Central and Eastern Europe as well as CIS (including Russia) are characterized by the predominance of state compensation systems. However, the amount of payment within the framework of state social systems in Russia is insignificant, and even in the case of payment from the Social Insurance Fund, the employee has the right to recover damages through the courts if, in his opinion, such payments do not cover all necessary expenses, for example, for treatment.


Why the Employer’s Liability Insurance is necessary:

  • The requirement for insurance may be provided for by an agreement with counterparty: customer or investor may insist on purchasing such an insurance policy
  • 'Employee-employer' relations: in cases where an insurance policy is not mandatory, the presence of such insurance may be an additional motivational program indicating the employer’s desire to create comfortable conditions for employees and provide additional protection for their staff on a voluntary basis
  • The employer’s policy in the area of ensuring safe working conditions at the workplace can be supplemented by the appropriate type of insurance
  • Used to increase the amount of insurance payments made under the state social insurance system of the Russian Federation when the amount of payment is insignificant
  • Protects the employer from subrogation claims from health authorities or state social insurance when filing an employer's negligence claim
  • Protects the employer from employee claims/lawsuits
Insured risks
  • Employees’ bodily injury in connection with its work
  • Defenses costs in the court
What can be insured

Liability of the policyholder for its employees’ bodily injury in connection with its work

Who can insure

Any company in the market


Best of GARDIA:

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Benefits of Employer’s Liability Insurance from GARDIA:

  • Financial stability
  • International experience that allows providing insurance protection not only in connection with the policyholder’s activities in Russia, but also abroad
  • Flexible and individual approach to each customer
  • The possibility of issuing a single policy for insurance of several types of liability at once (a policy covering the risks of General Civil Liability, Liability for Goods Produced, Works Performed or Services Rendered, Employer’s Liability)
  • Issuance of insurance policy in two languages (Russian and English), which will allow you to quickly agree on the text of the insurance policy with a foreign counterparty that requires you to have an insurance contract


What indicators of the company are taken into account when submitting a commercial offer for employer's liability insurance?
The insurance premium calculation depends on the policyholder’s activity indicators: annual revenue, area of premises occupied, annual payroll, number of employees, etc.
What is the term for filing a claim (application about the insured event) under employer's liability insurance contract?
Claims about damage caused can often be made by an employee to his employer (policyholder) much later than the expiration date of the contract, for example, in case of damage to health expressed in the development of a chronic disease, which was diagnosed many years after the action itself, which led to the damage. In this case, the insurance contract will cover such claims. These types of contracts are classified as contracts with a long claim coverage period.