Product Liability Insurance


What is it for


A manufacturer may be held liable for bodily injury or damage to property of others caused by defective products. This policy seeks to cover liabilities arising out of the use of a specific product.

Who can insure:
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Sellers of goods
  • Companies providing services in various sectors of the economy
Insured risks
  • Compensation for damage to life, health and property of the consumer caused due to design, prescription or other defects in the product, work or service as well as the provision of false or incomplete information about products
  • Compensation for legal expenses incurred in connection with the claim settlement
  • Compensation in excess of the damages awarded by the judicial authority

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Benefits of Manufacturer’s Liability Insurance from GARDIA:

  • Flexible and individual approach to each policyholder
  • The possibility of issuing a single policy for insurance of several liability types at once (policy covering the risks of public, products and employer’s liability)
  • Issuance of bilingual insurance policy (Russian and English), which will allow you to quickly agree on the text of the insurance policy with a foreign counterparty
  • Provision of supplemental insurance coverage product recall insurance


What are the criteria under which an event may be recognized as insured event?

Damage to life, health or property of third parties in connection with policyholder’s products, services or operations

What are the exclusions from the coverage?
  • Exclusion of activities that can be insured under special insurance contracts, for example, professional liability and motor liability could be covered and dedicated insurance policies.
  • Exclusion of risks that are either uninsurable by nature (contractual liability insurance) or that are difficult to underwrite and price on the part of the insurer: risks with unexpected potential such as emerging risk, terrorism risks, risks of war and civil unrest.
What factors are taken into account when calculating the premium of product liability insurance policy?
  • Geography and sales volume
  • Contractual obligations with raw materials suppliers
  • Production claims statistics, their nature and causes
  • Production quality control standards
What are the features of products liability insurance contract?
  • Automatic coverage of policyholder’s expenses for legal defense in court.
  • Claims for damage can often be made against the policyholder much later than the contract expiration date. For example, in case of injury resulting in the development of a chronic disease, which was diagnosed many years after the action leading to the such injury.