Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of GARDIA embodies the common goals and values of the employees and the Company

The Company is committed to maintaining a positive, professional, non-discriminatory work environment where people are treated with dignity and respect so that we can all work together comfortably and productively.

We have an open door policy and strive to create an environment that encourages open communication, feedback and discussion on any matter of importance to an employee.

Our goal is to be a guide in choosing insurance solutions and provide high-quality Customer service in any part of the world. In achieving our goal, we are guided by a number of principles that determine the methods of our work, both individually and in a team.

Basic principles of corporate culture


We create the future by working in atmosphere of trust and confidence both within the Company and in relationships with Customers.


All our activities, first of all, are based on the unshakable principles of honesty, respect and fairness. Professionalism, responsibility, loyalty and initiative of employees help to maintain the corporate culture of GARDIA, IC, which contributes to the achievement of the organization’s mission as well as the implementation of its strategy and plans.

Self-confidence and openess

Long years of leadership in this field and accumulated experience allow us to confidently meet the requirements of Customers and Shareholders. We are open and honest with our Customers and Shareholders and listen carefully to their wishes in order to help them reach their maximum heights.


We strive for diversity and support a culture that is based on teamwork and the pursuit of common goals.


We encourage change by always striving to seize real opportunities for our clients, partners and ourselves.