Professional Indemnity Insurance


What is it for


Professional Indemnity Insurance is the protection of the policyholder against claims from third parties in connection with errors and omissions made by the policyholder in connection with its professional services.

Professional indemnity coverage provided by GARDIA is available for designers, architects as well as companies providing services in the area of information technology as well as television and radio broadcasting.

Who can insure
  • IT companies (manufacturers of software and IT equipment)
  • Construction companies
  • Designers
  • Business and consulting services
  • Media companies
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Architectural bureaus
  • Other companies
  • Companies where there is a mandatory requirement of the client from the contractor to have a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy in place
What can be insured
  • Any actual or alleged breach of duty
  • Negligent act, error, emission or misstatement
  • Misleading statement
  • Breach of warranty of authority committed in good faith
  • Breach of confidentiality which occurs in the performance of or failure to perform professional services
Insured risks
  • Liability for loses arising out of errors and omissions
  • Defense expenses, fees and costs
Supplemental coverages
  • Computer data and documents recovery
  • Compensation for participation in legal proceedings
  • Right to intellectual property objects
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Oral and written slander

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Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance from GARDIA:


  • Flexible structure of the contract according to the customer’s needs
  • Fulfillment of obligations under a contract with foreign customers
  • The opportunity to purchase a Single Project Professional Indemnity Insurance policy - for designers, engineers, architects.
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What is an insured event for this type of insurance?
An insured event is a third-party claim for losses arising out of error or omissions of the policyholder.
What is the maximum amount of payments for this type of insurance?
Payments under this type of insurance are limited to the sum liability limit under the policy, which is a cumulative sum for all insured events during the insurance period.
What period does the professional indemnity insurance policy cover?
The professional indemnity insurance policy covers all third-party claims brought against the policyholder during the period of insurance (usually 1 year) or the discovery period (in case of non-renewal of insurance for the next period), for a committed error or omission.
What are the exclusions from coverage in a professional indemnity insurance contract?
TThere are following exclusions from insurance coverage: • Disruption of competition • Deliberate actions • Claims already known or declared earlier (under other policies) as of the insurance period’s inception and/or circumstances that may lead to them • Damage to property, health and/or life as these risks are covered by General Liability Insurance policies. • Contractual liability (cover is provided for liability which would normally arise in the contract’s absence) •Claims filed in the US • Environmental pollution