Environmental, Social Responsibility, Governance

Sustainable development at GARDIA, IC is focused on the process of making key business decisions, taking into account the environmental, social and economic components.

We support sustainable, fair and prosperous future of our Clients.
As an insurer, GARDIA, IC manages complex risks, therefore the Company promotes sustainable development, from the development of employees to the protection of the external environment. These actions are for the good of our planet and people, and it is also good for business.

Climate change

GARDIA Insurance Company recognizes the impact of climate change on the insurance business and global communities and it is committed to playing a role in addressing these challenges. We also recognize that climate change is a complex issue and that the world is currently unable to meet its energy needs with purely green technologies.

Our philosophy

No two risks are the same. Every risk is unique, and different industries and businesses have different risk tolerance. The role of insurance in risk mitigation and underwriting is an opportunity to apply our technical expertise to help manage today's risk while supporting solutions to pressing societal issues. We take these responsibilities very seriously.

Examples of GARDIA, JSC activities in the area of sustainable development, social responsibility and management:

  1. The Company was the first to introduce a 'green' product to the market in 2010- comprehensive insurance of environmental risks.
  2. The Company's portfolio includes 'social' products that ensure the protection of citizens' rights - civil liability insurance and product recall insurance as well as professional liability insurance
  3. GARDIA, IC works with regulators and other key stakeholders on environmental, social and governance issues. The Company participates in the environmental committee of All-Russia Insurers Association (ARIA)
  4. Together with CREON and WWF, the Company participated in the compilation of the Industrial Enterprise Environmental Liability Rating.

The Company has developed a mechanism for response and resolution of ethical issues. There is no discrimination based on gender, race or age.

The most important part of GARDIA Insurance Company’s activities is charities. The Company cooperates with Life Line Foundation and provides support in financing high-tech surgeries for children with cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases.

April is the traditional month of volunteering at GARDIA, IC;

Good Things Project. This project was created to help the poor, orphans, disabled and other people who need help and support. Employees collect things and funds for the purchase of equipment for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Old Age in Joy Foundation - employees help the elderly and the disabled.

Creation Charitable Foundation - assistance to low-income families in the regions of Russia.